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Early Indications by G B Prabhat ebook deal
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Contemporary Fiction

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Early Indications

By: G B Prabhat

Early Indications is a haunting tale of friendship, oppression, disaffection, betrayal, guilt, false dawns, and the impossibility of redemption. It is about confronting the infinite shades of gray we are painted in, and wondering how much semi-serious pronouncements can shape the spectrum.

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Book Description

Madras, December 26, 2004. Shiva has a miraculous escape from the tsunami. Twenty years before, a friend saved him from almost certain death - whose debt he was reluctant to acknowledge.

Coimbatore, South India, 1969. It all began, most probably, because Shiva and his four classmates - all kindergarten students - were christened 'the Five Geniuses' by an old woman who was their doting first teacher. She does not stop with that simple declaration but, by careful personality divination, gives them their callings. Shiva would become a research scholar or a professor since he has a silver tongue and a prodigious intellect. Dorai with his abiding curiosity for automobiles would have something to do with cars; maybe he would invent a new one. Basketball is the future of Rohit who manages to score from the vaunted zero position. A droll couplet by Kani convinces the teacher that he is a future poet. Sarita's full-throated rendering of 'Doe, a deer' makes it clear that she is destined for musical stardom.

For different reasons, the Five Geniuses join the local engineering college for an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Soon the interplay between incidents traps them inextricably in a whirlpool.

Innocent utterances can change lives. How would their lives have turned out if they hadn't been called the Five Geniuses? Were they geniuses or did they so believe because a set of accidental circumstances conspired to create the impression? These thoughts bother Shiva in his post-Coimbatore existence in Madras. After being providentially spared by the tsunami, almost twenty years after he left Coimbatore, he decides to visit it to check what became of the past with which he severed connections.

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