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Island Of The Gods by C. M. Kane ebook deal
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Teen & Young Adult

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Island Of The Gods

By: C. M. Kane

One stupid mistake -that's all it takes for Tae's world to come crumbling down around her. Now, if she is to have any hope in saving her family she must seek out a God! But he's in the one place no-one on Earth ever wants to go - The Island!

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Book Description

In the nine hundred years since the gods of antiquity returned to Earth, much has changed. We are no longer masters of our own world.

Tae Rames, a precocious seventeen-year-old downloads a vid she knows she shouldn't, never realizing the powerful forces that she is about to release. She inadvertently discovers a deadly secret, a secret that someone very dangerous has gone to great lengths to keep hidden. The dead god Loki, may in fact, still be alive and simply trapped. Despite a desperate attempt at trying to erase the evidence of her snooping, her new enemies track the leak and mistakenly blame her twin brother, kidnapping both him and Tae's mother to find out what they know.

Desperate,and unsure of whom she can trust, Tae decides her only option is to free Loki and plead for his help. But Loki is in the one place no one ever wants to go—the Island—a place where all Earth's criminals are sent to fight and die, a place from which there is no escape. Worse still,unbeknownst to Tae, an enemy with a twisted hatred of his own has begun to stalk her.

Can the intervention of Zeus help when, thanks to a kindly priest, he discovers that something untoward is happening on his least favorite planet. Or will serious complications arise when he is followed by some of the other gods, all of who are curious to find out exactly what their leader is up to.

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