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Strikers by Ann Christy ebook deal
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Teen & Young Adult

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By: Ann Christy

After the US fractures into warring nations, Texas becomes a totalitarian state that executes the rebellious without mercy. When a generous impulse goes terribly wrong, Karas and her friends forfeit their lives. They have just one choice, one chance to go Striker. But will they survive the trip?

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Book Description

Long ago the United States fractured into warring nations, peaceful times a fleeting thing and mistrust the only constant. Texas is the worst of them all, a cruel and totalitarian nation where crime is punished not with prison, but with a tattoo. For each crime a strike is marked upon the offender's neck. At five strikes...death.

Karas Quick is sixteen and already holds a strike, which doesn't bode well for a long life. Unlike the elites, people like Karas can expect to be dealt with harshly. Any accident might be labeled a crime. Even so, she's carved out a life with friends she loves and a decent meal every day...well, most days.

When the elite guy she's crushed on since forever risks his strike-free neck to help her out of a jam, everything goes wrong. Not only will her life be forfeit, but so will his. Even worse, every friend who knows what she's done is equally doomed.

They are left with only one option, the last option. They can try to escape Texas, they can go Striker. If they're caught, they'll die. The prize if they succeed is something they never imagined: freedom.

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