Reading Deals Book Reviews service

Reading Deals Book Reviews is an affordable review service that helps you get reviews from real readers!

Are you sick of the $400 review services or manually contacting potential reviewers being your only options for getting reviews?

Are you tired of having to purchase books, gift books, track receipt of books and hope that more than half of those you send your book to actually read the book and review, just to get a few book reviews?

If you answered yes, then Reading Deals Book Reviews is for you!

We all know this:

Getting book reviews should not...

  • Be priced so high you consider taking out a loan to get them,
  • Be purchased (which is against Amazon's TOS),
  • Or require you to beg and plead on social media.

That is why we started Reading Deals Book Reviews!

Our goal is to provide an affordable service that allows you to get your book to readers who are interested in reading your book and who are expected to leave an honest review.

Here's how our service works:

  • You order our service for the amount of reviews you want,
  • We let our eager Review Club members know your book is available to review,
  • They request your book and it is automatically sent to their Kindle,
  • They read the book, review your book, and let us know the review link,
  • We gather up all of those links and send them to you when the order is complete!

It's that simple!

Note: You aren't buying book reviews! You're paying to reach new readers with your book. Our Review Club members do not receive any compensation, aside from the free book, and will include the obligatory disclaimer on their reviews to comply with FCC and Amazon guidelines.

Here are the benefits of our Reading Deals Book Reviews service:

  • Order is completed when our reviewers leave all of the reviews (this may take some time since our process is all organic and readers need to be interested in your book),
  • Affordable for every author; self-published, hybrid or traditional,
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards in line with the Amazon TOS,
  • A clear report of all of the reviews delivered by our service,
  • And of course, more reviews for your book so you can promote on sites with minimum review qualifications, and your book will look more appealing to prospective buyers!

Reading Deals Book Reviews is your affordable alternative for getting honest reviews for your books.



  • 10-15 Reviews
  • Gain new fans & get valuable feedback
  • 15 tweets about your book
    to our 135,000+ followers