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50 Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes by Rachel Richards ebook deal
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50 Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes

By: Rachel Richards

This ebook contains 50 vegan slow cooker recipes for those who have decided to live a meat-free lifestyle. It includes a free printable 7-day meal plan and shopping list. Live a healthier lifestyle.

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Book Description

What you eat has been proven to directly link to how you feel, function, and live. Everyone has heard the saying "you are what you eat," but not everyone realizes how true it really is. Essentially, if you fill your body with junk, you are going to feel like junk.

Once you begin to explore healthier options of what should be eaten, the findings are overwhelming: organic, non-GMO, fat-free, zero calories, low carbohydrates, high protein. The obsession of what to eat and what not to eat has become a constant battle for many. The solution is quite simple: vegan living.

A vegan's source of food can only come from non-animal products, including their meat, eggs, dairy, etc. The diet consists of mostly fruit, vegetables, wheat, rice, and legumes. The reasons for eating a vegan diet may vary, but many are health related. Going vegan will make you feel healthier, look better, and feel new.

A drawback to a vegan lifestyle is finding food. A vast majority of today's meals are not vegan friendly. The best way to insure that a meal is truly vegan is to prepare it at home, but the task does not even require more than ten minutes of time! A slow cooker is an efficient and delicious way to prepare vegan meals. Just add ingredients, let sit for a few hours, and then serve.

Although some vegans may eat a bit of honey, the updated recipes in this book use maple syrup. Another alternative is to use agave nectar.

This book brings you 50 different ways to prepare vegan dishes with your slow cooker.

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