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The Messenger's Mischief by Julia David ebook deal

The Messenger's Mischief

By: Julia David

Mine Blast. (ground shaking) Watch out! When Calls the Heart just collided with Bonanza. Virginia City’s new schoolmarm is a plucky, pious, cat-loving bible-thumper who can’t seem to stop tumbling into the handsome Wells Fargo shotgun messenger’s arms. Not a problem for him, but the attraction could ruin her future.

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Defective by Susan L Sofayov ebook deal
Contemporary Fiction


By: Susan L Sofayov

Maggie battles an enemy she cannot escape—her own brain. Her fiancé moves out after she explodes on him. Therapy leads to a diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder and launches her investigation into the family history, unearthing mental illness, hidden relatives. She spirals into fear and insecurity but ultimately finds hope.

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IX: Britannia's Lost Legion by Stephen Donald Huff ebook deal

IX: Britannia's Lost Legion

By: Stephen Donald Huff

Near the turn of the first century, the Ninth Legion disappeared from frontier borderlands separating Romanized Britannia from the uncivilized lowlands of Caledonia. Although history speaks clearly of a massive uprising in the same region during 119AD, no authenticated record confirms the legion’s military annihilation on a field of battle, and no evidence confirms its reassignment to any other region of the empire. Contemporary Rome, and all of history, seems to have simply forgotten the Ninth.

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They Were The Best Of Gnomes, They Were The Worst Of Gnomes by Robert P. Wills ebook deal
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

They Were The Best Of Gnomes, They Were The Worst Of Gnomes

By: Robert P. Wills

Two Gnomes running a used magic wand shop deal with customers, barroom brawls, and an invasion by the Great Halfling Empire. We'd like to say they deal with them professionally and efficiently, but that would be a lie.

Promotion Through October 25

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