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Nonfiction & How-To

A Sweet Life in Homemaking by Kate Singh ebook deal
Nonfiction & How-To

A Sweet Life in Homemaking

By: Kate Singh

This housewife has almost a decade under her belt of creating a life that is cozy and satisfying on a limited income. There are stories, advice, and experiences of how to manage a small budget, a small home, and a small family to the fullest.

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer by Grace Jessen ebook deal
Nonfiction & How-To

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

By: Grace Jessen

Are you looking for a survival manual to protect yourself against current outbreaks and counter pandemics? If you are nodding your head, then keep reading..

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Make Fitness A Priority by Chad Austin & Jesse Kepka ebook deal
Nonfiction & How-To

Make Fitness A Priority

By: Chad Austin & Jesse Kepka

Take your time to wander slowly through these pages, as it fits in your life. Read one tip per week or per day, as it suits you. Take the time to focus, meditate upon and implement them because, as we said before, small consistent changes will build your path to feeling your best.

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