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Childrens & Middle Grade

Let’s Celebrate! by Sally Huss ebook deal
Childrens & Middle Grade

Let’s Celebrate!

By: Sally Huss

We all like days to celebrate. But, why do we like them so much? Is it only the cake, the ice cream, or the presents? Or, is it a day to honor and celebrate something, a day to have fun, to be especially happy, and to share wishes like “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Easter,” “Happy Holidays,” “Happy St. Patrick’s Day?” If so, why not have a “Happy” day every day?

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Consuelo And The Lady by Melanie Davenport ebook deal
Childrens & Middle Grade

Consuelo And The Lady

By: Melanie Davenport

Consuelo loved her Grandmother dearly. Always the storyteller at family gatherings, the old woman often mesmerized the children with her tales. Consuelo tried hard to remember those stories she held dear, but recently Grandmother had started forgetting many things, including the stories.

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They're Recycling Aliens by G J Griffiths ebook deal
Childrens & Middle Grade

They're Recycling Aliens

By: G J Griffiths

There are aliens on Earth to collect Teflon pots and pans. Four kids and their alien friend, Kweezy Capolza, have to survive attacks from hungry herring gulls before launching into space for the planet Antanesta. Only to find, on their arrival there, devastation and danger await them in the form of the Kraxish. These black and yellow enemies of Kweezy and his alien race are deadly war-mongers.

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