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7 Thoughts To Live Your Life By by I. C. Robledo ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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7 Thoughts To Live Your Life By

By: I. C. Robledo

This is the ultimate self-development book - whether you want to be more successful, happy, positive, at peace, mindful, or productive, you will find a path forward. Our Thoughts have a much greater influence on us than we realize. They can propel us all forward or drag us down. Let's introduce more of the good thoughts into our lives.

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Book Description

The Powerful Thoughts that Will Lift You Higher

The Thoughts You let into Your life can make all the difference in the world.

They can drag you down or Lift You Higher and Higher to better places than you could have dreamed of.

Many people focus on improving their habits, and this can be useful, but it is very difficult to make a long-lasting positive change when you don’t have the Right Thoughts in mind. With this book You will learn what the Right Thoughts are, and they will help reveal the path to your best life.

The 7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By will provide you with the most compelling Thoughts that have the power to help you Make Your Dreams into a Reality, find happiness, achieve success, overcome the obstacles on your path, and become your best self.

Internationally bestselling author I. C. Robledo discovered the 7 Thoughts after suffering through a dark depression. While meditating one day, he asked himself how he could live a better life and the 7 Thoughts came to him in a flash of insight. He transformed his life with the 7 Thoughts and would like to help you to do the same. These Thoughts have also been found in religious and philosophical texts from the East to the West, and they have been supported through modern scientific findings.

Are You ready to tap into an Eternal Wisdom that transcends any single era, philosophy, religion, or culture?

Are You Ready to Awaken?

When you learn the 7 Thoughts and master them, you will be ready to Awaken and be able to:

•Consciously use the 7 Thoughts to create a good, happy, peaceful, and meaningful life
•Understand that a simple Thought holds immense power, and can have effects on the other side of the world
•Be a great source of positive energy, and diminish or stop creating experiences of sorrow, anxiety, stress, and pain for yourself and for others
•Turn a Superpain into a Superpower, meaning to convert painful, difficult, or negative experiences into superpowers, or positive and desirable experiences
•Accept the Now, love the Now, and understand that the Now is all there is, rather than needing things to be some other way
•Discover your gift in order to give it away to the world
•Align your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, values, and desires to become a unified, happy, and transcendent being

Become a limitless being and shine with the stars with the 7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By.

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