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Minecraft: Awakening of The Ender Dragon by Ryan Johnson ebook deal
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Childrens & Middle Grade

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Minecraft: Awakening of The Ender Dragon

By: Ryan Johnson

Read How the battle between Steve and Herobrine at the deadly night could ultimately lead Herobrine to start his journey - awakening the Giant Sleeping Ender Dragon…

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Book Description

Diamond swords clashed again, sending a resonating sound through the cavern. The only light breaking the darkness was the torch in Steve's left hand. The diamond sword in his right flashed, reflecting the fire light as he parried one attack, struck out with one of his own and then blocked another incoming swing.

"You have no place here!" Herobrine shouted as he mercilessly swung his blade at Steve, aching to rid this world of the pitiful fool.

"I don't know who you are but you messed with the wrong guy!"Steve did his best to counter each strike, backing up as he was forced against the stone wall of his mine shaft.

The white eyed man let out a scream of power as he swung his blade with crushing force at Steve. The adventurer tried to block but the blow hit too hard, knocking his sword out of his hand as it skittered across the ground. Holding him against the wall by his throat the man got right in Steve's face, pure anger and hatred filling his blank eyes.

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