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A Drop In The Night: The Life And Secret Mission Of A Ww Ii Airman by Thea Rademacher and Royce Fulmer ebook deal
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A Drop In The Night: The Life And Secret Mission Of A Ww Ii Airman

By: Thea Rademacher and Royce Fulmer

A true story of a WW II Airman assigned to a secret mission dropping spies & supplies into Nazi-occupied territories. Not de-classified until the late '80s, this book shares an important but little known mission that helped win the War.

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Book Description

"A Drop in the Night" tells the story of a World War ll Airman who was sworn to secrecy by the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency. Only de-classified in the late 1980s, the work of this young soldier and his fellow airmen can finally be revealed.

Code named "Operation Carpetbagger," the missions put young airmen in uniquely dangerous circumstances. Trained as bomber crews, these soldiers didn't drop bombs. They dropped spies, both men and women, who had volunteered to parachute deep into Nazi-occupied territories.

Flying only at night and at altitudes so low they could skim the tops of trees, these crews flew in conditions requiring extraordinary skill and guts. Very few accounts have been written about these important missions that helped bring a successful conclusion to the War.

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