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A Face On Cydonia by Ian J Miller ebook deal
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A Face On Cydonia

By: Ian J Miller

An expedition with four young people is to go to the Face to see if there is alien technology. Each have goals opposing the others, and each will find exactly what they do not want to find.

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Book Description

Schools in the early 22nd century teach that the big corporations provide all necessary services solely for the betterment of society, under the benevolent guidance of the Federation Council.

When Fiona Bolton, an expert in sonic viewing, watches her husband being murdered while uncovering corporate malfeasance, she wants justice. Instead, she is dragged into the tar-baby of the dark side of corporate behaviour. Jonathon Munro so wants to be important in a corporation, but his only talent seems to lie within that dark side. Sharon Galloway has developed the most advanced excavating device known, and she hates and despises Jonathon Munro.

Then when Grigori Timoshenko decides to form an expedition to settle for once and for all whether the morphing image of a battered butte in the Cydonian Mensae region of Mars was due to alien activity, these three must be included in the party. With hidden agendas and attempts at murder on a planet with no air, the gloss of visiting another planet soon wears thin.

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