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Along the Cane River by Mary Jane Hathaway ebook deal
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Contemporary Fiction

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Along the Cane River

By: Mary Jane Hathaway

A family saga set in Louisiana follows a tight-knit group of friends as they survive heartbreak and find love while holding fast to the traditions of the Cane River Creole people.

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Book Description

A family saga set in Louisiana follows a tight-knit group of friends as they survive heartbreak and find love while holding fast to the traditions of the Cane River Creole people.

Over 900 total reviews with a 4.7 star average!
This boxed set includes the first five full length complete novels from Mary Jane Hathaway's best-selling Cane River Romance series. Each book includes recipes.

The Pepper in the Gumbo
Paul Olivier, founder of a gaming company, clashes right from the start with the beautiful Creole bookstore owner who is determined to keep him out of Natchitoches' historical district. But nothing is ever as it seems, and when shocking secrets are revealed, they must decide whether they can overcome their differences and embrace true love.
A romance that brings the humor of You've Got Mail and the deep friendships of 84, Charing Cross Road, this novel will touch the classic literature lover in everyone.

These Sheltering Walls
An ex con who wears his crime on his sleeve.
A woman drowning in an ocean of secrets.
Lorelei "Henry" Byrne was born cursed. Being able to spot a lie with perfect accuracy sounds like fun, until you have to live with it. She’s estranged from her family, has only one friend, and couldn’t get through a first date if her life depended on it. She throws herself into her work as the new head of the Cane River Creole National Heritage Park … until she meets Gideon, a man with nothing to lose and no reason to lie. A story of grace and courage.

Only Through Love
Charlie Soule couldn’t wait to get out of the Creole swampland and see the world. She left her little home town believing she could be anything, but she comes back as a woman who can’t trust anyone.
Austin Becket moves to Natchitoches to work at the local juvenile justice center, hoping to do some real good in the world. He'll do anything to forget about the mistakes he's made and the secrets he keeps.
When their paths collide, Charlie and Austin must fight to reclaim their lives from the choices of the past. A story of hope, faith, and learning to trust again.

A Star to Steer By
People might think growing up in a family bakery is delightful, but Roxie Sunshine Hardy knows the reality. Spending countless sweaty afternoons inside Sunshine Bakery’s big, pink foam cupcake costume is the stuff of her nightmares. When her family needs her, Roxie decides to return to Natchitoches. It's only for a few weeks, and there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Dante’s Inferno that she’ll have to get into that cupcake suit.
Moving from New York City , Andy hasn’t counted on how much he’d miss his brother, Mark. He can’t uproot Mark from his group home for the mentally disabled back in New York, so Andy tries to go on as usual.
When an unlikely friendship blossoms with Sunshine Bakery’s anonymous dancing cupcake, Andy decides to stop pretending to be someone he’s not. He learns seizing the day isn’t just for poets, and life is too short to be without the people you love. A story of family, loyalty, and a true love that can’t be disguised.

The Boundless Deep
A world class liar and a cheat, Rose Black has always used her skills to get what she wants. When the law catches up to her and her career is destroyed, Rose escapes to the sleepy historical town of Natchitoches to avoid the mistakes she’s made and the people she’s hurt. But there’s something special about By the Book, and despite her best intentions, Rose is drawn into a tight-knit group of quirky, faithful friends.
When her past and present collide, will the promise of a second chance be enough to face the unthinkable?
A tale of hope, laughter, and finding your God-given purpose.

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