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Anonymous Complaint: A Nurse's Story by Robbi Hartford ebook deal
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Contemporary Fiction

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Anonymous Complaint: A Nurse's Story

By: Robbi Hartford

A psychopathic stalker uses the legal system to ruin a nurse's career. The attacks become increasingly dangerous until the power struggle suddenly flips, and she must decide how far she will got to defend herself when her assailant becomes her patient in the Emergency Department. Inspired by actual events.

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Book Description

I’m a healer, not a fighter.

Yes, I avoid conflict at all costs. But don’t mistake my pacifism for weakness. I look death in the eye on a regular basis. I’m an RN in the ER––strong, assertive, and capable, with a potent array of sophisticated equipment and medications at my disposal.

Exactly one week from the day of my mother’s funeral, an investigator from the Florida Department of Health shows up at the ER and informs me that I may be charged with a felony. Someone is making anonymous complaints that I’m “practicing medicine beyond my scope of practice.” I have no idea who, or why! As the circle of suspects widens, I find it harder to tell where my once unfailing intuition ends and growing paranoia takes over.

I repeatedly shove my personal struggles aside as I meet the needs of my patients. But I see them differently now and learn useful lessons from unlikely sources.

My world changes in uncontrollable ways. Is it possible that my estranged boyfriend is the snitch? A trusted friend? The anonymous complaints keep coming.

As the attacks become more dangerous, I wonder just how far my assailant will go to hurt me—and how far I’ll go to defend myself when my attacker's life is placed directly in my hands.

Anonymous Complaint is inspired by actual events.

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