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Apple Declined: The Prodigals by Robert P. Wills ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Apple Declined: The Prodigals

By: Robert P. Wills

Earth sets its sights on an alien paradise for colonization. Thanks to a decision made millennia ago, peace reigns on Arcturus.
Earth's plans for an easy conquering of the planet are wrong. Very wrong.

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Book Description

Earth sets its sights on an alien paradise!

Earth is dying. Its resources are used up or contaminated. Plagues have decimated the planet's population to a mere two million- a population number not seen for fifty-thousand years. With time running out, Earth sends probes to search for suitable planets. Several planets are found that will support a portion of Earth's population- Humanity will live on, it will just be spread across fifty light-years. Then a planet that will sustain all of Earth's inhabitants is found.

Project Arcturus is born.

As part of Earth's plan for immediate colonization, an advance party is sent to the distant world of Arcturus to eliminate the indigenous population. From what the probe has seen, the peaceful Post Iron-Age civilization will no be any threat at all. The planet doesn't have a military, or even a police force- easy pickings for the invading force armed with cutting edge weapons and monstrous battle robots. So much so that barely over a hundred soldiers are sent.

On planet Arcturus, peace reigns thanks to a decision made eons ago when an apple was declined and sin did not gain a foothold. The upcoming harvest festival and sacrifice is their foremost issue. As the Arcturians become aware of the impending arrival of these brothers from another planet, they turn to the One that provides all their guidance. Thanks to a single decision thousands of years ago, God still moves among His people. Even though they do not understand the intentions of the Humans, they know they can trust in their Father as they always have.

Earth's plans for an easy conquering of the planet are wrong. Very wrong.

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