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Autism - A Practical Guide For Parents by Alan Yau ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Autism - A Practical Guide For Parents

By: Alan Yau

An accessible and practical guide to autism - full of tips, ideas and strategies you can use right away to help your child. Not just for parents - the easy to read style makes it useful for anyone who wants more understanding about autism.

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Book Description

Theory is great, but as a busy parent of a young child with autism, what you would really like is a practical guide: with ideas, tips and strategies that you can use right away.

Oh, and you want a book that is concise and easy to understand, right?

Think of this book as a collection of sparks. Real sparks ignite fires. The sparks in this book will ignite ideas in your head about how to teach your child with autism. Every child is different, so I can't give you a recipe that will work for your child, but what I can give you are some of the ingredients for you to create your own individual recipe.

Here's an overview of what you will learn in this book.

• How children with autism are wired differently, and how that affects the way they learn.
• Why Intensive Play is so important to everything else.
• Why it's so hard to get your child's attention, and what you can do about it.
• How visual tools can help your child, and how you can use them easily.
• Why focusing on well-being is so important, and some simple steps you can take to ensure you do.
• What general strategies will help you teach your child.
• Why behavior difficulties happen, and some ways you can help.
• Why today's technology is making it easier for children with autism to communicate, learn and much more besides.

This book will give you ideas and strategies that you can use immediately with your child. I have illustrated many of the strategies with examples from my own experience. You will see echoes of your own child in some of the examples, and they will provide lots of light bulb moments for you.

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