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Barracks To Boardrooms: Negotiating Your Salary After Serving In The Military by Byron Y. Chen ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Barracks To Boardrooms: Negotiating Your Salary After Serving In The Military

By: Byron Y. Chen

A great resource for anyone changing jobs, entering a new career, and looking to ask for a raise -- Barracks To Boardrooms was written by Byron Chen to answer the many questions he received from veterans about salary negotiation after the military. As a career transition specialist, Byron realized that many people could benefit from learning this critical skill. He passes along lessons learned from his own corporate career, contemporary research, and personal accounts

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Book Description

People lose out on thousands of dollars every year because they don't think they have the leverage to negotiate their salaries. But you can learn the skills, strategies, and scripts to negotiate without fear, prove your value to your employer, and get paid what you're worth.

"Not negotiating can be more costly than you think...a 25-year-old who negotiated a starting salary...will earn $634,000 more than a non-negotiator [in their lifetime]."
- Who Asks and Who Receives in Salary Negotiation

In reality, companies are more ready than ever to attract and hold on to talent. But only if their employees ASK FOR IT. Yet, most people still treat negotiation as some long lost secretive art that they will never have the ability to do. Byron Chen has taken his experiences consulting with veterans on career transitions after the military to put together the definitive guide on conducting your own salary negotiation. Barracks To Boardrooms provides the how-to knowledge developed from real world scenarios, hard lessons learned, and contemporary research.

* Ever wonder why some people get paid more, even when they do the same work as you?
* How do you negotiate without losing the offer?
* Can you make demands without negatively affecting your relationship with your company?
* What's a reasonable counter offer to make in a negotiation?
* What tactics are employers using to keep your salary low?

All of these concerns are covered in the book, along with a systematic process that includes strategies, negotiation scripts, and tactics you can use in any situation. Take control of your career and negotiate the way other professionals do to be compensated at top of the industry rates. You owe it to yourself. Get over your fears, overcome your doubts, and learn the skills you need to get paid what you deserve.

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