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Because My Mother Did It! by Shana B. Rhinehart ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Because My Mother Did It!

By: Shana B. Rhinehart

My family was having communication problems. So I undertook a journey to discover real solutions and to truly understand what was the underlying cause. I found it and the solutions to the generation gap, generational differences and found many solutions to parenting for moms and dads intermixed with seriously personal anecdotes and funny tales from my journey. Truly, this is a viable solution to a rampant issue all of us face but usually cannot name.

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Book Description

Have You felt frustrated because your loved ones didn't understand what you are saying? Felt alone because you were not being heard? Been accused of not listening when you were but the message was still not coming across resulting in bigger divide? Does family miscommunication make you wish there was a relationship communication workbook? Or that the generation gap didn't result in inter-generational trauma or drama? Because My Mother Did It! is the result of my effort to answer these questions.

My journey began when I wanted to know why there was a generational disconnect between parents and children and how to fix it. How questions have answers. In researching how to solve my family's nightly communication debacle, my husband and I discovered a much bigger answer. Not only did we discover how to heal the generation gap but we discovered why the gap existed in the first place! In addition, we discovered universal themes that cause people of all generations to wish for a parenting book for moms, a parenting book for dads or general tips on parenting stepchildren.

Then real magic happened when we began to apply this knowledge to everyone. Relationship issues and generational differences that had always plagued us began to disappear! Our close relationships got deeper and more satisfying. Our family got closer. We knew we had to share this secret! Read this now and discover the secret for yourself!

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