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Best Life-ing by Julia Brodska ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Best Life-ing

By: Julia Brodska

What if you could manifest any dream you wish? The truth is, you can. You just need to learn how to harness the power of your mind. Author Julia Brodska shares how she did this in her book, Best Life-ing. In 1 year, she lost 30 lbs, paid off $30,000 in debt and started a profitable business. Get this book and learn how to transform yourself, too.

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Book Description

What if you had a magic lamp?

What if you could make a wish...and your every hope, dream and desire came true?

Think about how you’d feel if this magic lamp wasn’t a fantasy. What if you really had one but just didn’t know it?

The truth is, you do have a magic lamp: your mind.

It can manifest anything you wish. You just need to learn how to free the genie, and Best Life-ing will show you how.

If you’re trapped in a dead end job, toxic relationships and a hopeless life, Best Life-ing can transform you into a fearless, empowered badass that is in control of your destiny.

Opening the pages of Best Life-ing is like rubbing your magic lamp—a whole world of possibilities, dreams and desires are suddenly at your fingertips.

But is this just a load of BS?

Well, the author was once stuck in a far worse place than most people.

Best Life-ing documents Julia Brodska’s story of how she grew up in poverty and later was a high school dropout, overweight, drowning in debt and going nowhere in life. In one year, she underwent a radical transformation: she paid off $30,000 in debt, lost 30 pounds and started her own business. Today, she owns two successful companies, teaches workshops and classes, and speaks to auditoriums of corporate employees, all while traveling the world.

Best Life-ing will teach you how to undergo your own dramatic transformation.

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