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Building Miraculous Work Teams by Duke Nielsen ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Building Miraculous Work Teams

By: Duke Nielsen

The business community talks endlessly—and so far pretty much fruitlessly—about improving productivity, motivating employees, and building leadership and leadership skills. Why have decades of lectures, instruction, and training that costs business billions of dollars annually been so spectacularly ineffective?

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Book Description

This book takes you straight to the heart of the REAL problem, and explains how to establish a new kind of work relationship that transcends any typical "Band-Aid solutions" to industry's continuing woes.

Part 1 is about (1) the need to replace command-and-control supervision with leadership that inspires, guides, and supports; (2) the overwhelming evidence for the success of work-with relationships in doing so; and (3) the evidence that supervision and leadership are functional opposites.

Part 2 is a chronicle of my 71 years of work experience as an inspired, guided, and supported partner in satisfying and self-motivating work relationships—and my 3 years as a demoralized subordinate in command-and-control supervisory work relationships. These experiences depict the reality of the command-and-control work relationship problem and the promise of the inspiring, guiding, and supporting leadership solution to that problem.

Part 3 offers a practical and enjoyable learning activity for developing and sustaining the satisfying, self-motivating work relationships that allow all work-team partners to be fully engaged and exceptionally productive.

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