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Change Your Story Change Your Life by Rich Curtis ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Change Your Story Change Your Life

By: Rich Curtis

Are you tired of self help books being all fluff and no content? Me too! There’s no B.S. here.
You will learn to:
Rewrite the stories that hold you back
Create happiness that lasts
Get unstuck instantly
Give lifelong happiness to your family
Implement 4 habits to create resilient happiness

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Book Description

Are you tired of self help books that are all fluff and no content?
Ones that are just a collection of happy smoke, snappy aphorisms or trite clichés, the kind that help you rename and ultimately keep your problems? Me too!

There is no B.S. and no happy smoke here, this book is filled with solid, peer-reviewed neuroscience and positive psychology to teach you how your brain works and how to train it to be happy every day, regardless of your circumstances.

This book will teach you to:

✓ Create happiness that lasts regardless of your circumstances

✓ Get unstuck instantly by rewriting your story

✓ Give the gift of lifelong happiness to your spouse and children

✓ Implement 4 easy habits to consistently create the optimum neurochemical environment in the brain for happiness

How did I discover all this?
After the sudden and unexpected death of my Mom I was plunged into two years of suffering, depression and grief. I realized it was one bad story about the day my Mom died that was hijacking my life and keeping me from happiness.

With that realization I set out on a two-year deep dive into the science and habits of happiness ultimately discovering the not often talked about, key to happiness that lasts:

Rewriting Your Stories

You have stories that control nearly everything you do in life; your work, your fitness, your parenting, your success and your relationships. In most cases, you have never taken the time to write them down, read them or ask if they are taking you where you want to go. This book will give you the tools to rewrite your stories, point where you want to go and finally start living the life of your dreams.

Change your story, change your life - it really is that simple!

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