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Changing Times: Cats & Dogs by Shaun L. Griffiths ebook deal
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Teen & Young Adult

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Changing Times: Cats & Dogs

By: Shaun L. Griffiths

Through secret gateways in search of their kidnapped friends, to confront a people with the powers to change their form, Kerri and Sam step into a battle for an object so precious, civilizations have fallen trying to control it.

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Book Description

In the far reaches of the Northern Alps, a simmering conflict is about to throw the known world into chaos. At the center lies a battle for a mysterious crystal, an object so precious, civilizations have fallen trying to control it. When a decision is made to kidnapped children of the South Lands, to use as pawns in this deadly struggle, then the die has been cast for their world to change. Times will never be the same again.

It's left to Sam to choose between the destruction of all out conflict or to go alone in search of his daughter, the future Queen of the River Plains. But when Kerri discovers that her young friends have been left alone and abandoned in the snows of the High Passes, her choice between following orders or going to their rescue is a simple one. Into this boiling cauldron steps Sonny, a boy with powers to change his form and the knowledge to guide them through the Gateway, a mysterious tunnel that leads to a beautiful but dangerous land.

As the party struggle through raging storms of the high alps, they realize time is quickly running out before their children and their way home are lost forever. While the conflict continues for control of the crystal, an unseen and long forgotten evil prepares to enter the fight.

Within the darkest reaches of the forest, something is watching and impatiently waiting for the inferno to erupt, to unleash their revenge on everyone around.

As the effects of the Gateway slowly bring Sam to his knees, how can Kerri ever save her friends alone. When Sonny's loyalty is questioned, will he be forced to choose between his obligations to his father or betray those that he gave his word to guide.

And when our reluctant heroes Vin and Naz, young Guards of the Snow Bears enter the fray, will the world ever be the same again !

In an epic struggle for the very souls of those touched by the crystal, their quest becomes a struggle for the survival of the known lands.

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