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Conversations With Spirit by Robert H. Skye & Bronwen Skye ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Conversations With Spirit

By: Robert H. Skye & Bronwen Skye

Have you wondered what happens when we die? What role does our soul play in life?
Based on the recorded conversations the author had with a channeled entity identifying as a spiritual collective from the afterlife the book covers topics including our souls and soul families, physical consciousness, spirit guides, afterlife, and reincarnation.

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Book Description

What if death isn't the end? Are our souls reborn, or is each life unique?

Based on recorded conversations Robert had with Brahma--a channeled entity identifying as a spiritual collective from the afterlife--this book will transform your thinking. In Conversations With Spirit: The Truth About Death and Reincarnation, you will discover meaning in your life and what awaits you after your body leaves this earthly realm.

In the physical world, humans are subject to a relentless journey that isn't always full of joy and happiness. Life can be wrought with pain, loss, regret and fear. Although we are unsure of our final destination, we hold out hope that there must be a better path ahead.

This book will help you find that hope.

Bronwen's gift of channeling came about after a family tragedy. Her search for spiritual meaning attracted the spiritual entity to her, or vice versa, but she knew either way that her gift was not to be taken lightly. She soon discovered the wondrous beauty of our united souls and how love is the driving force in the universe.

The book will take you on a unique spiritual journey as you discover the truth and meaning of our souls, the power of love, and so much more. Written in a unique dialogue-driven format, you'll feel as though you're right there discovering the hidden truth and meaning of life. You'll find the answers you've been looking for as this dialogue covers a wide range of topics including:

-Dreams and Visits from our Loved Ones
-Angels and Spirit Guides
-The Afterlife: What to do when you Cross Over
-Soul Families: Ancestors and Future Souls
-The Souls of Animals

As we march forward in our lives, through obstacles and pain, it can seem impossible to find inner peace. The past burdens us, the present tests us, and the future can look uncertain. But with Conversations With Spirit: The Truth About Death and Reincarnation, you won't have to worry any longer. Your physical being will be at peace as you discover the healing magic within our souls that connects us all.

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