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Cultivating Compassion: Simple Everyday Practices For Discovering Peace Of Mind And Resilience by Amy Pattee Colvin ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Cultivating Compassion: Simple Everyday Practices For Discovering Peace Of Mind And Resilience

By: Amy Pattee Colvin

Does your mind bounce from one thing to another, affecting your ability to be productive or creative? Does your inner critic occasionally control your thoughts, reducing your capacity to be kind to yourself?
Cultivating Compassion, leads readers through a step-by-step exploration of personal values and thought patterns. It offers guidance through inspirational themes, self-reflection questions, and suggestions for daily action.

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Book Description

Do you ever:
-Lose sleep due to worry?
-Feel down in the dumps and just can't shake it off?
-Get just plain grouchy and snap at others yet criticize yourself?

You're not alone.
You've heard mindfulness or compassion meditation might help, but you're not sure where to start. You're already busy enough, and carving out more time to sit still doesn't seem like an option.

If you find sitting still to meditate is difficult, or you think you're not "doing it right" because your mind isn't still, or if you find distraction every time you think about meditating, this book is for you.

Cultivating Compassion: Simple Everyday Practices for Discovering Peace of Mind and Resilience is for:

-Healthcare professionals who feel fulfilled by serving others but experience compassion fatigue because they have no energy remaining for self-care.

-Busy executives looking for ways to improve their leadership skills.

-Parents or concerned adults who want to share the message and value of kindness with the youth around them, teaching teens how to feel comfortable in their own skin without tearing down others in the process.

In this book you'll find 66:
-Inspirational themes to help you explore concepts around acceptance and compassion for self and others
-Self-reflection questions to help you contemplate deeply held beliefs, help you shift perspective, and help you break out of old patterns
-Informal practices to help you integrate kindness and non-judgement into daily life which in turn help develop peace of mind and resilience

This book shows you how to develop peace of mind and resilience through easy to follow practical tools and techniques. You don't have to put the rest of your life on hold to create significant change.

What's stopping you from living a life filled with acceptance and compassion for self and others?

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