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Diabetes Diet Plan for Two by Daniel Donald ebook deal
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Diabetes Diet Plan for Two

By: Daniel Donald

Diabetes Diet Plan for Two: How and why diabetes differs between men and women and what you can do about it

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Book Description

Diabetes Diet Plan for Two: How and why diabetes differs between men and women and what you can do about it

Struggling with diabetes can be very overwhelming; the limitations on food intake and the exercise required to control diabetes can be exhausting and often make you feel as though you are climbing an endless mountain and unconquerable mountain. However, Dr D Donald’s Diabetes Diet Plan for Two may be just the change you are looking for to regain control over your diet and set and your partner on the way to health and happiness.

With 19 recipes, this diet plan does more than just open your eyes to a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals for two, it will also help you and your partner to achieve the right balance between you. It is a widely known fact amongst medical specialists that when it comes to diabetes, women are at a much greater risk than men of obesity, heart disease and kidney disease- all of which are directly linked to being diabetic. The Diabetes Diet Plan for Two recognizes this disparity and serves to explain the biology and psychology behind it.

The 19 recipes included in this volume allow you to adapt meals to ensure that diabetics of both genders can enjoy food safely without having to worry about over-indulging or risking high or low blood-sugar levels.

There are many benefits to this diabetes diet plan:

•It has been expertly written by a trusted source on this subject- Dr Donald is an authority on controlling diabetes through diet
•Each of the 19 recipes is original, exciting and easy to make- moreover the recipes won’t break the bank either
•These recipes can be adapted to suit your individual needs and tastes. If you love spice or prefer a milder taste, you can dictate every last step of the creative process
•The recipes differentiate between male and female portions meaning you will both get the right balance for you

Being diabetic can sometimes seem like a red flag to enjoying food. You might feel that you can no longer enjoy the meals you used to love and instead can only look forward to bland and boring meals. Dr Donald’s diet plan, however, can change the way you and your partner will look at food.

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