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Do You Know How God Loves You?: Successful Daily Living by Mary Lou Cheatham ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Do You Know How God Loves You?: Successful Daily Living

By: Mary Lou Cheatham

Set aside a few minutes every day to contemplate your life of love with your Lord. God the Son, Jesus Christ, came to seek and to save. He gave up His comforts and endured torture on your behalf. The Holy Spirit is ready to guide you in love through every tough moment of your life. Be certain that you have the joy of the greatest love of all times. See more about the wonderful ways God loves you.

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Book Description

The heavenly Father originated the plan for the entire universe, His Son implemented it, and the Holy Spirit breathed life into it. Likewise, God selected you and gave you to Jesus Christ before Earth, the other planets, and the sun were spoken into being. God selected the names of the beloved ones before He set His clock into motion, before time began! God loves you that much! When you accept His love into your heart, the Person of God known as the Holy Spirit breathes new life into you, a new creation, and comes to love you through every day the rest of your life on earth. He loves you. Praise God for Who He is. Thank Him for what He has done. Love Him for His freely flowing grace.

Do you know that the Lord wants you to pray without ceasing? What other friend do you have who never tires of hearing from you? Jesus Christ has told you to follow Him, listen to Him, and talk with Him? What do you say to Him? If you follow Him, you must first trust Him. If you trust Him, you must first know Him. When you know how He loves you, your prayers become conversations more than rituals.

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