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Downfall by Conar Densmore ebook deal
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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By: Conar Densmore

Awakening after centuries in cryo, a super-soldier must fight tooth and nail to survive in a mad new world of cannibals gangs and insane cyborgs.

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Book Description

Arcus. A world of dust and decay, forgotten in the wake of a great war that marked the bitter end of man's grand reign in the galaxy, where ganger-filled wastelands stretch into the horizon and titanic nanostorms smother the skies. Here, under the oppressive shadow of the Authority, a draconian regime led by the genetically-enhanced Highbred, humanity scrambles to just survive each new day.

But when the Authority's Citadels fall one by one to a new threat, scattering what's left of mankind into the unforgiving Wastes, the hope of the once all-powerful Authority falls onto the shoulders of its last true son, Rion, a dying Highbred locked in cryostasis and forgotten by time.

Centuries later, alone and confused and wasting away from an incurable sickness, Rion awakens to a terrifying new world, where mad abominations of steel and flesh now haunt the Citadels' subterranean halls and cannibalistic gangs brazenly hunt across the bloody wastelands. Deep beneath the Wastes, however, an even greater threat has begun to stir, one that was capable of toppling the former world order and could very well extinguish the last flickering light of mankind.

With hidden dangers lurking around every corner and enemies all around, Rion's first priority is to survive. If he can.

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