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Find Your Feet by Louise Alerfors ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Find Your Feet

By: Louise Alerfors

Find Your Feet is a story about being knocked down by life. When your life self-destructs like an epic Star Wars explosion. But it is also a story of hope and courage, finding your feet and walking away from that dark place that you are in.

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Book Description

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, overload, overwork, perfectionism? Does there not seem to be enough hours of the day? Do you feel worn out, sleep deprived or just down right frazzled? Do you search for the next time you will be able to relax? Perhaps you have already gone over to the other side and suffer from a full blown burnout?

"Find Your Feet" is a raw story of a living hell that only reveals itself when you hit the wall and burn out. Despite the hell, "Find Your Feet" is also a story of courage and triumph!

So tired you can't get out of bed

What do you do when you are feeling like you are losing control of your life and everything around you is pure chaos? What do you do when you are so tired you are unable to get out of bed in the morning?

Super sonic hamster wheel speed

What do you do when you are on the hamster wheel and it starts spinning, faster and faster, finally self-destructing in an epic Star Wars explosion?

In "Find Your Feet" the author will teach you how to spot the signs of burnout so you will be able to stop before things get out of control.

"Find Your Feet" will equip you to:

- Get practical tips to better manage your stress levels

- Find a way forward when you feel like you are drowning in your emotions

- Give you actionable advice to slow down your hamster wheel before it self-destructs

- Instill you with courage and confidence so that you will never sell yourself short again

Knocked down by life

In the end this is a story of hope and happiness. If you feel like you have been knocked down by life. If you feel helpless and unworthy of walking on this earth "Find Your Feet" will give you the tools you need to proceed in life.

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