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First Lessons by Lina J. Potter ebook deal
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First Lessons

By: Lina J. Potter

A medical school graduate dies suddenly in a car crash… only to find herself reborn in the medieval times as a countess. She has to learn to adjust to a new world while trying to introduce daily conveniences from her own era. Her estate is collapsing, forcing its mistress to take care of it, despite being a woman and having less rights then men.

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Book Description

An amusing Medieval tale on the same wavelength with the top-rated OUTLANDER

The first novel of the bestselling historical fiction series with thousands of fans all over the world!

Being a genius Medical school graduate and a sporty and active girl, Aliya dies suddenly in a car accident… only to find herself reborn in a completely different body in the middle of a half-ruined castle during Medieval times. While confused and dismayed, Aliya realizes she has been given a second chance in life — so she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work on restoring the castle and her new life.

Aliya has an unusual and difficult goal: she is reborn as Countess Lilian; she has to adjust to an unfamiliar world while trying to introduce the everyday conveniences from her familiar modern world. She needs to take care of the collapsing estate of Earton and its inhabitants while living in the past as a disenfranchised woman. Regular robbers and slave-trader attacks won't leave her in peace, killers and spies, sent by the narcissistic aristocracy, are just waiting for her to show a bit of weakness so that they can strike. On the other hand, there exist a prospect of meeting with her perpetually absent husband whom, by the way, after her rebirth as Countess Lilian, Aliya has never seen.

Her plan is to make the best of her unusual circumstances to make the world better. She is not a girl in trouble waiting for a prince in shining armor — she strives to achieve everything herself.

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