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Getting Along At Work by Caleb Crider ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Getting Along At Work

By: Caleb Crider

Can you imagine what your workplace would be like if everyone just got along better? Getting Along at Work shares proven strategies for reducing stress and conflict through better building workplace relationships.

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Book Description

For all who aspire to great relationships at work, Getting Along at Work is the book for you. Caleb writes with a practical pen, and hits the bull's eye with basic relational behaviors and attitudes that nurture good relationships. Troublesome relationships don't need to bog down effective workflow and productivity. Put this book into the hand of every employee and reap a work culture of getting along at work.- Merle Herr, Resource Officer, Anabaptist Financial

Getting Along at Work addresses one of the most overlooked cost centers in your company or organization—that of workplace strife. Boost morale and profits with this refreshing, practical, easy-to-read book on getting along at work, based on scriptural principles rather than humanistic philosophies. A must read for everyone in your organization. - Leland Ulrich, CEO of AFG Capital Group LLC

We live in a world where satisfaction at work is often hindered by stressful, frustrating relationships.Why do I struggle getting along with him? What can I do to resolve my strained relationship with her?

Conflict at work is frustrating and stressful, and makes us unproductive and unhappy. Instead of focusing on our work, our minds are spinning, processing the latest emotional disagreement or misunderstanding.

What would happen if you would be able to get along better with people at work? Instead of needing to learn conflict management, what if you could resolve conflict before it becomes a huge issue? Imagine getting a promotion, a raise, or becoming a trusted and respected part of the team because others know you are good at navigating workplace relationships.

Practical and straightforward, Getting Along at Work offers encouragement, common sense, and insight on potential game-changers such as:

-Finding inspiration for improving your interpersonal relationships.
-Discovering and working on your blind spots.
-Changing your mindset about people you don't like.
-Making it easier for coworkers to approach you.
-Staying calm when you feel upset.

Work is more satisfying and enjoyable when everyone gets along. Peaceful relationships can help make work less stressful, more fulfilling, more productive, and more profitable.

Getting Along at Work gives you tools that enable you to develop into a person whose relationships flourish instead of flounder. You will learn practical ways to . . .

-communicate when it's tough,
-become more professional,
-respond peaceably in tense situations,
-and much more.

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