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God’s Law Of Attraction by Susan Lee ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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God’s Law Of Attraction

By: Susan Lee

This is the perfect book for Christians seeking spiritual growth and ways to increase their positive thoughts and emotions to further God's Kingdom.

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Book Description

Uncommon Spiritual Growth and Personal Success Are Yours Through God's Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a common source of confusion for Christians who strive for personal success and to transform their spiritual growth through God's blessings. Many secular proponents of the law of attraction lead us to believe that we can have or achieve anything we want in life. But believers are left to wonder what exactly the law of attraction is and how it can, or even should, fit in with their walk with God.

Spiritual Growth Begins When We Realize God Created the Law of Attraction

God's Law of Attraction works from the belief that the law of attraction isn't a menacing new age threat to God's way, but rather a natural law put in place by God Himself to help us to transform into the person He wants us to become! Just like God put the laws in place for chemistry, physics, and planetary motion, He created the law of attraction, and it is already working in our lives, positively or negatively, whether we know it or not.

Satan Wants to Stop Our Personal Success by Raiding Our Thoughts

God's law of attraction is by no means as easy or as cut and dried as secular proponents of the law of attraction will lead you to believe. Satan's relentless attack on our thoughts and emotions and his commitment to making us believe we cannot achieve our goals is evidence that God's law of attraction is strong stuff.

The good news is, there are plenty of law of attraction tips and strategies to learn how to control our thoughts and use the law of attraction to God's advantage. God points to many of these techniques in His Word. God's Law of Attraction: The Believer's Guide to Success and Fulfillment explores the law of attraction Bible style - with probing Bible stories and law of attraction quotes that lead to our spiritual growth in the power of the biblical law of attraction.

Personal Success is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

While secular teachers of the law of attraction promote personal success as the ultimate goal, there is much more to achieve! Yes, you will learn how to attract money - not just for personal gain but to further God's plans for His kingdom. And by practicing God's law of attraction relationships with other people will improve, allowing you to spread the Good News. God's law of attraction can transform the world if enough Christians embrace it and use it the way He intended.

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