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Hack Your Habits: 9 Steps To Finally Break Bad Habits & Start Thriving by Joanna Jast ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Hack Your Habits: 9 Steps To Finally Break Bad Habits & Start Thriving

By: Joanna Jast

A pragmatic approach to hacking your habits so you can begin to live the life you want. This book will teach you how to overcome years of bad habit formation by creating new habit loops without the motivational fluff, that simply doesn't work for most practical thinkers.

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Book Description

If you're struggling with temptations or short on self-control, the traditional approach to habit building using willpower will not help you much. You will continue lapsing and struggling, and feeling like a failure. It's time for a new approach, one that will provide lasting results."

Habits (good and bad) run our lives.

Until now, most strategies for habit formation relied on motivation and willpower. But in today's world where we are surrounded by temptations, self-restraint and self-discipline have become even harder. In order to build better habits, break old ones and transform your life you need a system not motivational fluff.

Joanna Jast's Hack Your Habits is a must-read that includes expert contributions from Hal Elrod, Stephen Guise, Martin Meadows, and Steve S.J. Scott.

This book is for you if you:
Have struggled with creating healthy or positive habits
Experience a lack of self-control and battle every day to maintain your willpower
Constantly try (but ultimately fail) to motivate yourself to change unhealthy habits

You'll look forward to learning how to:

-Design your positive habits the right way, so you start reaping the rewards from day one.

-Keep going even if your motivation and energy fails so you don't lose any forward progress.
Minimize the impact of temptations so you never fail again.

-Implement small changes in your environment to make your new behaviors automatic much faster.

-Build a system that will help you effortlessly and quickly get to your habit goals so you can transform your life and achieve success faster.

-Create a powerful, lasting habit change that fits in with your personality and lifestyle and can adapt as you progress through life.

-Benefit from utilizing the free 9-step guide that will allow you to walk yourself through this proven system that will lead you to finally breaking bad habits and have you on the road to thriving.

Hack Your Habits is your roadmap to tackling common problems so you can achieve your habit goals faster, with less effort and more enjoyment, finally putting an end to your struggles.

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