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Healthy Eating On A Budget by Dexter Poin ebook deal
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Healthy Eating On A Budget

By: Dexter Poin

How to eat healthy while living on a shoestring budget?

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Book Description

How to eat healthy while living on a shoestring budget?


Well this subject is right in my wheelhouse. I have been balancing out the two for my entire life. When I say that I live on a very small income I am not just saying so for effect. I really am living below the poverty level right now as we speak, and have lived below the poverty level for most of my life.

I eat better foods and also bigger quantities of those foods more than anyone that I know also. And I do so while spending far less than the average person does on food who probably eats about half the calories that I eat.

We are what we eat.

This is the truth. my beliefs are that we all should strive to fuel our bodies with the best foods possible so that we can be the fittest, healthiest, most vibrant, people that our bodies will allow us to be.


You're going to get something a bit different here, because I am actually going to converse with you based on what I am doing right now in real time.

This is not just some high school report about how to budget your groceries into your life written by someone who isnt even doing it themselves.

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