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Healthy Snacks For Work by Sarah Harrison ebook deal
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Healthy Snacks For Work

By: Sarah Harrison

Snack and lose weight: Lose weight and feel great at work! With these 12 tested snacking secrets & delicious recipes you will save money and enjoy increased productivity, all while avoiding the 2pm energy dive.

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Book Description

Are you ready to feel great at work? To have quick-fix snacks that help you to lose weight, increase your work-day productivity, and save money doing it? And to know how to eat them so you're always satisfied?

Imagine leading a healthy life and avoiding the 2pm energy dive...

The Solution: Healthy Snacks for Work - How to Snack to 
Increase Productivity, 
Save Money, Lose Weight & Cut Cravings (Oh, and nearly all of them are gluten free!)

I know what it's like. I worked in an office gaining weight and wasting money purchasing unhealthy cafeteria and vending-machine food, going out for lunch, and always thinking I was hungry but that I shouldn't snack. That is until I went to school for holistic nutrition, started doing my research and found the Simple Snacking Secrets contained here that allowed me to snack throughout the day for optimal weight and abundant energy at work.

FACT #1: Healthy eating boosts energy and productivity.

FACT #2: Bringing easy inexpensive snacks from home will help you save money.

FACT #3: Snacking using these secrets helps you lose weight and cut cravings because it encourages stable blood sugar levels throughout the day.

FACT #4: These snacks are DELICIOUS and super healthy.

We all know that eating healthy will help us live longer, be happier, and enjoy life more, but it can be hard with the daily grind. This book will show you the simple secrets to office snacking that will ensure you're eating right and setting yourself up for success.

Healthy Snacks for Work - A Preview:

*The importance of snacking. Why you SHOULD be snacking and how snacking on the right things in the right way will boost energy, cut cravings, and support your body in shedding unwanted pounds.

The 12 secrets to snacking success:

Secret #1: How to eat often and never be hungry.

Secret #2: How to let go of stubborn weight.

Secret #3: How to enjoy fat & protein.

Secret #4: How to ditch cravings.

Secret #5: How to love what you eat.

Secret #6: Why crunchy is good.

Secret #7: How to wake with energy (& sustain it all day).

Secret #8: How to hydrate for mental sharpness.

Secret # 9. How to relax… and lose weight while eating.

Secret #10: How to make snacking easy.

Secret #11: How to ensure you have optimal energy.

Secret #12: How to keep snacking simple and delicious.

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