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Heart Intelligence: Powerful Self Consciousness by Gabriel Iqbal ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Heart Intelligence: Powerful Self Consciousness

By: Gabriel Iqbal

Discover the Scientific Evidence that Explains Our Essential and Empowering Heart Based Intuitive Intelligence.

A Shift in Global Human Consciousness, Sustainability, Wellbeing and Coexistence.

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Book Description

Discover the Scientific Evidence that Explains Our Essential and Empowering Heart Based Intuitive Intelligence.

A Shift in Global Human Consciousness, Sustainability, Wellbeing and Coexistence.

Heart Intelligence Book Trilogy Expresses Infinite Possibilities to our common questions:

What is Real ?

Who are We ?

What is Consciousness ?

Where are We Going ?

What is The Connection ?

What is Wellbeing ?

How can We Coexist ?

Award-winning sustainability training specialist and internationally acclaimed Biologist, Gabriel Iqbal, translates his visions into pragmatic disciplines by reviewing archetypes and paradigms from diverse spiritual traditions and interlaces them with cutting edge research in multi-disciplinary fields such as quantum physics, neurobiology, motivational psychology and revisionary metaphysics.

Masterpieces of human enlightenment that include the works of Rumi, Lao Tzu, Carl Jung, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Blake, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, George Bernard Shaw, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Gandhi, Tagore, Leo Tolstoy, Blaise Pascal, together with the brilliant scientific works of Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, Carl Sagan, and environmental stewardship of John Muir, Rachel Carlson, David Suzuki, David Attenborough, Al Gore, E. O. Wilson including others are reflected upon in fresh light; while addressing an ever increasing need for exploring potential dimensions in Global Human Consciousness for achieving biological coexistence and a journey towards new worlds without the need for conquest and anthropocentrism.

In bridging the gap of our spiritual and scientific vacuum, Gabriel draws a beautiful adventure with vivid revisionary overtones of metaphysics into a fresh, lively, rejuvenating and powerful interfaith life force. He does not merely aim to answer questions as in philosophical dogmas, but seeks a powerful stillness that dissolves the hard questions of life, while perceiving fresh inspiration in new questions that are at the forefront of individual freedom, coexistence and sustainability of our living planet. A new vision of leadership, management and well-being is expressed in easy to relate paradigm shifts in consciousness.

Via his insights, Gabriel articulately illustrates his perspective of "hacking away the unnecessary" and "being" rather than "merely, restlessly accumulating and doing". He conveys using simple to understand prose, illuminating poetry and aphorisms, as well as colourful stories to paint a Renaissance in Global Human Consciousness, hence embarking onto what he calls, "Heart Intelligence".

The implications of cutting edge research on consciousness are explained by the author in view of ground-breaking experiments in quantum physics, genetics, para-psychology and meta-cognition.

Gabriel uses vivid imagery to create a dynamic archetype and paints a savvy modern saga in the form of an expressly illustrated journey.This book does not claim to be a "fix all" but pursues the reader into creating a "Talent for Life" via their own journey.Heart Intelligence is a mind bending, soul twisting and a heart churning adventure. So to say, it vibes a chord with everybody as it speaks one's own words.

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