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Help for Women with ADHD by Joan Wilder ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Help for Women with ADHD

By: Joan Wilder

This short book, written by a journalist, is about how it feels, moment to moment, to have ADHD -- both the crazy parts and the amazing parts -- and how one woman harnesses the chaos and the brilliance.

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Book Description

This short book, written by a journalist is filled with stories about how it feels to have ADHD and what you can do to make things better. Woven into the anecdotes of frustration and chaos are various tried and true tools, strategies, and supports (printed in bold text) that have helped her - and thousands more -- tackle a handful of classic ADHD challenges. Each chapter covers a different issue, and the clickable Table of Contents makes it easy to fly to the parts of the book that interest you the most.

Along with encouraging you to work with the challenging parts of your amazing mind, the book will help you recognize and appreciate its extraordinary parts. Many woman with ADHD are amazingly intuitive, perceptive, creative, authentic, innovative, and bright. Help for Women with ADHD will show you how women with ADHD can excel -- beyond those without ADHD -- when they learn to manage their curious abilities to focus. It will also help you realize that your issues are not unique - that you're not alone - and that awareness will motivate you to work at unlocking your gifts.

Everybody experiences everything that ADHDers experience, but to a lesser extent. So, even if you haven't been formally diagnosed, you may be dealing with attention deficit symptoms as a result of any number of stressors, including postpartum hormones, PMS, menopause, multitasking, too much screen time, or dietary sensitivities. If that's your situation, Help for Women with ADHD can help you, too, with any of the following issues:

-Difficulty prioritizing
-Feeling overwhelmed
-Getting distracted by ideas and sensations that disrupt your concentration
-Difficulty following through on what you were so excited about yesterday
-Misplacing important items
-Running late, losing track of time
-Difficulty deciding and choosing
-Impulsive ideas or actions
-Changing your mind all the time

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