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Her Arrogant Hot Surgeon by Dr. Mark Grey ebook deal
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Her Arrogant Hot Surgeon

By: Dr. Mark Grey

Rebecca is not a typical love story female lead. Rebecca is entirely different. Rebecca is curvy, confident, smart, and won’t let a man do whatever he wants just because a guy and society expects it. Her love story is incredible and shows you don’t have to give up your hopes, dreams, and

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Book Description

What makes this novel so unique is the plot that revolves in a medical setting, which is not that common. It is also written by a doctor, and based on a true story. The novel shows us that not everything is white or black only, there are tons of other shades in between. It teaches us about love, humility, and the importance of living a life without judging anyone.

The main female protagonist, Rebecca, is a confident, empowered, and strong woman ready to tackle every obstacle in her way. She is smart, driven, and stands her ground. Rebecca, a journalist, is everything but a typical romance novel character. Her desire to expose the danger of plastic surgery will lead her to a strange partnership with a guy she hates. James, a famous plastic surgeon, represents everything the young journalist dislikes. He’s arrogant, appears to be shallow, and embodies all the things Rebecca detests about the world today.

Rebecca’s fight against negative body image trends and attitudes starts with an undercover visit to the plastic surgeon’s office where she is treated like a piece of meat and utterly humiliated. Her experience draws nationwide attention after she wrote all about it for an online magazine.
James’s job and reputation are on the line here.

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