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Hidden Among Yourselves by Bill Hiatt ebook deal
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Hidden Among Yourselves

By: Bill Hiatt

Taliesin’s Weaver’s life can be difficult. He has the spirit of murder stalking his home town, a war god who wants him dead, an old adversary trying to get out of prison, and a quest even his friends think is next-to-impossible…and that’s before one of them betrays him.

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Book Description

Taliesin Weaver faces more challenging mysteries than he has ever dealt with before.Unfortunately, solving them means the difference between life and death—and not just for Tal.

He must find out why the spirit of murder is stalking the people of Santa Brigida. He must find out why a war god wants him dead. To keep a powerful enemy from going free, he must find and retrieve an ancient artifact from a realm he did not believe existed, a realm which he cannot enter, and which none of the inhabitants can leave. Along the way he must also try to figure out if one of his friends is really Alexander the Great reincarnated, how someone could be spontaneously resurrected, and whether a madman is really as mad as he seems.

As if these mysteries were not enough, Tal must also confront opponents stronger than ever, armies of them…and this time they aren't going to take prisoners. Not only that, but another one of Tal's friends will betray him, and in a way that will make the earlier betrayal seem like an act of kindness.

Can Tal survive being knifed in the back again, or is this truly his final adventure?

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