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How to Love Yourself: Self-Esteem by Vanessa Angel ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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How to Love Yourself: Self-Esteem

By: Vanessa Angel

If you love yourself, you love everybody else as you do yourself. As long as you love another person less than yourself, you will not succeed in loving yourself. Thus, he is the great righteous person who, loving himself, loves all others equally.

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Book Description

Internet pages are full of articles that answer a question how to love yourself. In general, they follow the first advice: enjoy some shopping, smile to your reflection in the mirror, get involved in your favorite business or go for a walk. However, as practice shows, these recommendations do not work.

Otherwise, all unhappy people, full of hatred and scorn for themselves would have been disappeared from the face of the Earth. To overcome a dislike for yourself, one needs to understand the heart of the problem. It is only understanding of essential reasons for what is happening will help to get rid of pain which has been gnawing human soul for decades.

Many people ask this question. Why should you love yourself, if you can enjoy children, parents, your job or your motherland? Moreover, in general: isn't this love for yourself just selfishness?

Indeed, there is a highly thin line between love for yourself and narcissism, with right and wrong on both sides. An egoist is indifferent to what the others feel or need; he thinks only how to satisfy his fancies. However, the path of selfishness is the way to an abyss. Caprices keep heaping up, the sense of responsibility for what is happening vanishes, and over time the person loses touch with reality and understanding of cause-and-effect relations.

It seems to him that the others are guilty of all his failures, and he blames the external factors, rather than himself. Moreover, even if he wishes to break out of the vicious circle of his caprices, weaknesses, and quirks, he is incapable of doing this.

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