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In The Absence Of Light by C. L. Ferrari ebook deal
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In The Absence Of Light

By: C. L. Ferrari

A Christian fiction suspenseful page turner where increasingly dire events build up to a crucial battle between good and evil pitting angels against demons with humanity and mortal souls hanging in the balance. Gabe Matheson uses his supernatural ability to fight on the side of good but is it enough?

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Book Description

A quiet mid-western town is about to be turned upside down. Everyone feels the changes, the growing darkness, but no one dares voice their fears. One by one, starting with the murder of a child, the number of terrible events begins to increase, soon overwhelming local law enforcement. Across the country, Gabe Matheson feels it too, and knows with great certainty that Gibson Glenn is the location of his next battle.

For the past two decades Gabe has followed his inner voice numerous times, sending him to countless destinations to stand beside legions of angels as they fight against evil forces. Gabe is unique, possessing a supernatural gift which gives him a secret advantage.
In this life as we know it, nothing is as it seems. Our five senses limit us to a very narrow 'here and now', but Gabe knows there is much more to time and space. The unseen dimensions we unsuspectingly pass through every day contain both joy and mind numbing terror, things he's faced alone until now.
The events in Henderson County will change lives. Some people will die. Some will have their eyes opened. But no one will be unaffected by the things to come.

From rural small town life to the highest levels of world government, the battle lines are drawn and the choices are clear and eternal. Not even Gabe is fully aware just how crucial a victory is at this pivotal point. The future of humanity hangs in the balance.

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