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Influencer Marketing High On Clubhouse by J.l Fehr ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Influencer Marketing High On Clubhouse

By: J.l Fehr

A quick effective and very well written guide about everything you need to know to use the new clubhouse social media platform.
This book contains valuable advice for everyone, both on and off clubhouse.

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Book Description

All this is contained within the writing of this book along with the fantastic presentation of the audiobook version of ‘Influencer Marketing High On Clubhouse’ - as performed by narrator, Douglas Wilkin.

This book was written with the author’s sincere care for the reader, compassion towards others, and a depth of knowledge to help you maximize your ability to work with others not only on clubhouse, but in life.

By now you might be thinking to yourself:

•I haven’t even heard of Clubhouse! What exactly is it, why should I be on it, and how do I even use it?”

Or, you might be well aware of Clubhouse and its ballooning popularity - and perhaps you want to know more about it and learn as much as you can about Clubhouse so you can maximize your use of the new social media platform.

Although many influencers and creators are using the app, it’s not just for influencers to market themselves; it’s for you to enjoy, and it’s for you to build personal one-to-one relationships with others all around the world.

•So why is Clubhouse such a powerful social media platform?

It’s this: the space between our ears is one of the most intimate places we can allow another person, and voices can convey a lifetime of meaning in an instant. The volume, pitch, tone, timing, and the words themselves all leave permanent lasting impressions.

Clubhouse allows for the most profound interactions of all social media platforms. Yet, you need to know how to use the app properly to tap into this powerful new communication tool.

•This book is here to help you put this new social media platform to use in the best way possible for you, and there’s a lot to learn about using the app!

Clubhouse has its own culture, lingo, customs and social norms that you will need to know and become comfortable with.

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