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It Started Like This: First Words, First Dates, And Love At First Sight by Raven Easton ebook deal
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It Started Like This: First Words, First Dates, And Love At First Sight

By: Raven Easton

Six short novels of lovers-to-be getting together for the first time. They share their thoughts -- and perhaps an adventure. The Poodle and the Pug; The Mom and the Man; The Pledge and the Pi; The Donor and the Date; The Genius and the Gymstar; The Singer and the Stew

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Book Description

A man and woman meet.

They talk.

They talk a little longer.

They share an experience -- perhaps an adventure.

Every great romance tells of the events that conspire to bring a man and woman together for the first time -- and forever. And when it finally happens, it's the delicious magic that embraces their whole story.

But sometimes, you want to skip the meal, pop a bonbon in your mouth, and get that great feeling right away. Maybe you're not in the mood to commit to a full-length novel to experience that special moment.

In IT STARTED LIKE THIS, you've found a half-dozen stories that don't mess around. Each distills to its essence the drama and comedy of that first -- sometimes unexpected -- encounter when the world begins to change for a man and a woman:

-- THE POODLE AND THE PUG: Man's best friends introduce a society lady and a career tough guy.

-- THE MOM AND THE MAN: A teenager connives to get her single mom to investigate their intriguing new neighbor.

-- THE PLEDGE AND THE PI: A shy fraternity pledge takes an upperclass sorority sister on an impromptu adventure of a lifetime.

-- THE DONOR AND THE DATE: A woman doesn't want a date -- until she has the date she didn't want.

-- THE GENIUS AND THE GYMSTAR: A love-struck computer jock plots an unlikely course to meet his unsuspecting crush.

-- THE SINGER AND THE STEW: A quiet man solves a flight attendant's noisy problem.

Couples meeting, talking, falling, with an unexpected escapade along the way. Encounters between smart and savvy lovers-to-be that put you right in the middle of that awkward first dance, a man and a woman not knowing quite where to put their feet but holding on anyway.

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