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Jason Teufel by Christopher Kilgore ebook deal
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Jason Teufel

By: Christopher Kilgore

Enter evil, a world between earth and hell, where a twisted vampire society lies in-waiting.

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Book Description

"Choice is an illusion. You think you have it, but you don't. In reality, it is those with power and the circumstances of one's situation that will define what you may or may not do."

Jason Teufel is haunted by dreams of terrifying demons and ghoulish vampires. Ostracized and alone, it has taken him years to block out the nightmares and separate the truth from fiction. From fire, to ice, to dark places that he shudders to think of, he can't help but feel that it is all connected somehow. It feels so real when he's there but then so distant when he wakes up… like a fleeting memory.

Now the arrival of a strange girl with blood thirsty eyes has threatened to upset his fragile reality. Between the boundaries of Hell and Earth, there lies another world, a cross between the two in which vampires reign supreme and humans languish in chains. With the barriers between worlds finally broken Moragan le Bauth has come to resurrect a terrible evil, the first step of which is a key that lies somewhere in the murky depths of Jason's broken mind, but that is not all the skulks within the shadows…
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