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Just Like Us by Jennifer H Yates ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Just Like Us

By: Jennifer H Yates

Encounter our God's surpassing love for us. His Word overflows with the answers our hearts hunger for through the stories of the women of the Bible.

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Book Description

Do you doubt your value and identity as a woman?
Do you long for clarity about your purpose in life?
Do you wrestle to overcome fear, doubt, and insecurity?

You're not alone. In fact, the need for validation, acceptance, and approval dates all the way back to the Garden. In the Bible, we have examples of women who were just like us, who struggled with these very same issues.

Women such as Sarah, Hannah, Rahab, and the woman at the well also faced questions, doubts, and fears. But their stories teach us God's answers to the questions that nag our hearts and leave us restless.

In her new book Just Like Us, best-selling author Jennifer Hayes Yates takes us on a guided tour through the pages of Scripture, stopping to visit each of these women and what the Lord longs to teach us through them.

In Just Like Us, you'll encounter our God's surpassing love for us. His Word overflows with the answers our hearts hunger for in this life.

•Learn how to find your deepest contentment in God.
•Understand your eternal value in a temporal world.
•Know your purpose in a world of confusion.
•Deepen your faith in God in a world of doubt.
•Discern His truth in a world of lies.
•Gain courage in a world of fear.
•Embrace hope in a world of despair.

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