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Life Can Be A Miracle by Ivinela Samuilova ebook deal
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Contemporary Fiction

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Life Can Be A Miracle

By: Ivinela Samuilova

This inspirational book offers an unusual approach to problematic situations and will appeal to anyone who has an open mind, a sense of adventure and humor, an interest in psychology, believes that we can shape our reality and looks for original ideas and techniques on how to handle a problem.

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Book Description

We all know of someone who used to be excited about life, but has fallen into a rut and lost the joy of living. Sometimes that person is staring back at us in the mirror. Adie too, for her part and for reasons she could not explain, had grown up with a firm belief that her life would be extraordinary. Then, little by little, she began to doubt it, she started getting confused and hesitant until she became completely lost.

Now, at middle age, she believes that only by finding her Vocation, will she be able to make sense of her existence and once again rejoice in life. Despite trying on different doctrines, philosophies, religions and practices, she had not found anything that filled her desperate void or gave her life meaning... until the day she met Alexey.

Alexey's approach to problematic situations is possibly the most unexpected course in miracles (in a novel) you may encounter. It will instill a sense of wonderment and amazement in you. With a quiet smile Alexey would teach you that you should defy 'the importance of being earnest' - i.e. the seriousness you have been taught to approach reality with. What's more, he will offer you unexpected and fun ways on how to stop taking yourself and life too seriously. Like what? Like nothing you could ever think of.

How can a tiny piece of blue cheese lead you to your ultimate life purpose?
How can it help you remove all the barriers you have built that prevent you from living a joyful, fun filled, and miraculous life?

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