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Life Planning Handbook by J. S. Wellman ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Life Planning Handbook

By: J. S. Wellman

The purpose of the Handbook is to assist the reader in developing a personal life plan. You can live a better life if you have a plan. Be intentional about your future. the book provides all the information, you provide the commitment.

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Book Description

You can improve the quality of your life! You can live a better life.

What if you had a plan that helped you lead a more successful life?
Image following an outline that put your total life in sync!
A life plan is the key to personal growth and development.
The Life Planning Handbook will guide you in developing a plan to live a better life.
It is a step-by-step process. It's simple, easy, and personal.

A few new habits can change your life!

The general focus of this book is on life planning to help you live a better life by pursuing actions and character traits that will produce a successful life. You can improve or acquire high personal character and outstanding habits, no matter how good or bad your life may be at this moment.
It's a progressive journey. You don't need to climb the highest mountain immediately. We help you develop a foundation for decisions relative to your lifestyle, goals, priorities, and commitments. We help you identify the path you want to travel. The result is a better life.

Change will require making good decisions, establishing important core values in your life, setting priorities, and making commitments. We will help you do that. We will give you the tools to make the best choices and decisions for traveling your life path.

The key to success is: "Decide you want to do it and work at it regularly."
Decide now to be the very best you can be!

Imagine having your life under control and knowing your Life Goals.
You can take control of your life – change is possible.
The best tool for a better life is a personal life plan.
And, if you need help we offer coaching assistance.
Buy Now to put your life on a successful path toward a better life.

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