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Longevity Cookbook Set by Sophia Laurente ebook deal
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Longevity Cookbook Set

By: Sophia Laurente

Living a long life is so wanted, but the real power is adding more energy, vitality to your daily life. Live life the way it was meant to be, with this amazing 3 cookbook box set you'll have every recipe imaginable to skyrocket your success, in living a passionate life. Start living now.

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Book Description

This cookbook set is your Secret Anti-aging, Longevity, Weight Management, Weight Loss Recipe Arsenal

And so much more! There are no guarantees in life. But with three fantastic are sure to give you energy in boatloads. There are 180 weight loss, weight management, anti-aging, longevity recipes cookbooks to give you more, all the while taking the pounds off and giving you a greater chance for more years to enjoy.

Do you want to live to be 100 years old or older? We all want longevity. Not only to live long but to live healthily. Wouldn't it be nice to get up every day and have so much energy that you can tackle anything, Yes more energy for anything put in front or you?

Okinawa Diet Facts

Consider that Okinawans only eat to Only Eat Until 8 Parts Full: Okinawans say "Hara hachi bu" which means "belly 80 percent full". So instead of eating feeling, stop just short of being stuffed. There has been a good bit of science done to support this.

It may be that there is some value in calorie restriction, or that it just keeps our body fat down, or that if you always eat till you feel full, you train your stomach to expand and need more and more to feel satisfied.

I wonder what the Okinawans would think about the 'all you can eat' buffet restaurant ideas? They'd probably think it was the worst idea ever.

Eating light, eating the Okinawa Way is more mindset and enjoying food in a very light manner. Eating Less is the real eating light. With this cookbook set will give you recipes that are in line with the Okinawa diet, eating light, and extra energy for getting out there and living life.

Much better than any weight watchers, high protein low carbohydrate diet out there, based on science and can give you real results fast. Even better than Paleo for Beginners. So download this Eating Light in 3 Steps, Simply Savory Salads and Exciting Okinawa Diet Cookbooks and start living the good life now.

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