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Love Being You by Crista Braun ebook deal
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Teen & Young Adult

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Love Being You

By: Crista Braun

Too many of us go through life despising ourselves and wishing we were somebody else. Stop the comparison, discover who you were born to be and start living the life of your dreams.

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Book Description

Have you ever felt like everyone around you was just better off than you? Do you often feel like you will never get to where you want to go, never achieve your dreams and goals? Maybe you wonder if you will ever just be able to love your life, make a difference and live with joy like you know deep down that is possibleā€¦

This easy-to-read and practical book will not only help you gain confidence in who you are but it will also show you tips and strategies to achieve your greatest goals right now in your life. It will help you let go of constant comparison to everyone around you and encourage you to step up into who you were born to be and become on this earth.

We just can't get it around it. Everywhere we look, we can see the same invisible thoughts racing through the minds of thousands of teens, young adults, older adults and so on.

You may be one of them.

The thoughts that you are facing are these: Am I enough? Do I even matter? Why does it look like everyone else is killing it in life and I'm just here, struggling to get by. You are stuck in an unhappy rut of feeling inadequate. You doubt more than you dream. Not because you're not a dreamer but more because the noise of the world is draining out the gentle, small melody of your life's purposeā€¦

"Love Being You" will help you deal with those lies you have built up in your mind. Through the compilation of a series of strategies that you can begin to start implementing immediately, you will start to achieve greater fulfillment, joy and purpose in your life than ever before. You will start to realize that YOU have something amazing to give to the world and you will realize that any goal is achievable when you start taking small steps in the right direction every day.

Here are 5 things that you will get when you read Love Being You.

-Self - confidence in who you are and who you are becoming

-Courage to take steps in the direction of your dreams starting today!

-Practical tips to creating habits that will transform your life

-Sure ways to achieve your goals

-Links to worksheets and free PDF's

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