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MASTER Working from Home Successfully by Garry Bryant ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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MASTER Working from Home Successfully

By: Garry Bryant

In MASTER Working from Home Successfully: More than 100 must know tips for every home office worker, I'm going to give you a complete breakdown of everything that you need to succeed in your home-based work.

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Book Description

In MASTER Working from Home Successfully: More than 100 must know tips for every home office worker, I'm going to give you a complete breakdown of everything that you need to succeed in your home-based work. Whether you've been given the opportunity to work remotely for someone else or a corporation, or you think that you have what it takes to set up your own business, working from home, many of these tips will help you establish a business that's not only credible but one that can also prove to be successful.

Some of the topics covered:

The Ideal Work Environment: Including comfort and ergonomics, internet connectivity, VOIP, dedicated workspace, business tools, light, ventilation, confidential, intellectual property

Computer Software: Software/freeware/licensing, virus protection software, protecting data, company IT products, avoid security breaches

Home Working Security: VPNs, passwords, Wi-Fi network advice, encrypting files, backups, and document security

Home Working Expenses, costs, and utilities: freelance expenses, employee expenses, tax breaks, home/business legal liability insurance.

Effective Time Management: Prioritizing, tools for to-do Lists, focusing on professional tasks and identifying when you are most productive

Goals: Tri-Win Formula and SMART Goal Setting, finding the balance

Becoming a Creature of Habit: Why routines? Early morning routine benefits, morning check-in meetings, other routines, and boundaries. Being clear on working hours, taking regular realistic breaks, signing off and dress for meeting success

Work/Life Balance: Creating online rapport, separating work from home, getting the balance right dedicating to family time and evening rituals

Beating Procrastination: Accepting accountability, avoiding activities that waste time, maintaining and focus

Rewarding Yourself: The carrot vs. the Stick, involving the family and team incentives

Communication- Checking in, teams, time zones, and communication technology

Meetings from Home: Acceptable etiquette: equipment, environment, and lighting

Staying in the Game through Training: Inhouse training courses, and upskill yourself

Avoiding Cabin Fever: Tips for changing the scenery and beating loneliness

Breaks / Recess: Scheduling breaks, avoiding eye strain, exercise and communicating boundaries

Housework: Separating business from housework and maintaining discipline

Work Motivation: Staying motivated, avoiding disruptions, motivational listening and sticking to your work schedule

Mental Health and well-being: Self-Respect, isolation and better sleep

Time Off: Illness, vacation days, gratitude, and burnout

Relationships: Children, family, pets, establishing family ground rules, being 100% Present

I chose to switch to work from home to place my family first, after 12-years of my life to working the conventional 9 to 5 life, commuting to the office, and getting the work done. Over those 12 years, I missed many precious firsts' with my two kids.

One of the most important messages that I'd like to get across is that even though you're working from home, the emphasis still needs to be placed on the fact that you're meant to be working and be productive for a certain number of hours each day. As long as you're able to do this and can manage your time effectively, this will help you to not only develop discipline, but it will prove to those you work for that you can be trusted and are a valued asset to their business.

These tips have been compiled thanks to learning curves. My main aim is that these will help you develop habits that will last and propel you towards lasting business success!

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