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Meditation: Five Senses Meditation by Marta Tuchowska ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Meditation: Five Senses Meditation

By: Marta Tuchowska

Create a happy and fulfilled spirit and start transforming your body and mind today!

Discover holistic wellness, mindfulness and a stress-free life. I will help you master the art of 5 senses meditation in less than 5 minutes a day so that you look and feel amazing!

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Book Description



A Truly Holistic Approach to Guarantee Your Meditation Success + Visible Results!

From: Marta Tuchowska (Author, Holistic Wellness Expert and Coach, Reiki II Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist)

Subject: How to actually learn to meditate and make it your lifestyle in order to embrace wellness and create a new, stress-free version of yourself

Dear Friend,

You have probably heard that the regular practice of meditation is a great natural therapy that can work wonders for your body, mind and spirit. You have probably done your research and already know that mastering the art of meditation, and making it your regular companion, will bring you many benefits (physical, mental, and emotional). For example:

• Meditation lowers high blood pressure and helps reduce anxiety attacks.

• Meditation is great for holistic pain management.

• Meditation makes you feel great, as it increases serotonin production.

• Meditation helps prevent diseases, as it makes your immune system stronger.

• Meditation is the best all-natural "cup of coffee" and it helps you keep energized naturally. Those who meditate on a regular basis need to sleep less, are early risers, and wake up feeling nice and fresh.

• Meditation helps you feel more creative, empathic and more emotionally balanced.

• In other words, your problems become smaller and gradually evaporate!

Unfortunately, one thing is to know, and another thing is apply it to make it your lifestyle. As Jim Rohn says, "To know and not to apply is not to know."

You see, meditation is not about spending hours on your yoga mat, singing mantras or sitting in a lotus pose. Meditation starts in your mind, and how you perceive the world, so that you can create a happy body, mind, and spirit.

I want to guide you and to hold your hand so that you can discover the beauty of all your senses, your body, mind, spirit. Learn how to be mindful in just a few minutes.

Here's What You Are Going To Discover On Your Journey, As I Guide You Step-by-Step:

• INTRO- Create your own holistic temple whenever you want

• CHAPTER 1 -Discover all your senses and feel rejuvenated in just a few seconds

• CHAPTER 2 - Focus on your vision and discover how beautiful the world is: be the master of your own reality

• CHAPTER 3 - Focus on what you hear around and create amazing songs that rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul

• CHAPTER 4 - Focus on your touch: Discover the power of mindful self-massage and relax holistically in just a few minutes

• CHAPTER 5 - The power of smell: All you need to know about "mindful aromatherapy meditation". Let me get you hooked on the pleasure of aromatherapy - unwind in just a few seconds!

• CHAPTER 6 - Taste of meditation and holistic relaxation: Discover the pleasure of mindful eating and turn your kitchen into the best holistic spa ever. Say goodbye to emotional and mindless eating

• CHAPTER 7 - Mastering mindfulness in a few easy steps: Forget about the past, focus on now, and create an amazing tomorrow

• CHAPTER 8 - Walking meditation: Bring joy and peace in an active way and discover the body and mind connection

• BONUS CHAPTER - Create a stress-free lifestyle with natural therapies (Free preview of my book: Holistic Relaxation)

• CONCLUSION - Discovering the body-mind-spirit connection and embracing holistic wellness

Use meditation to create a stress-free and mindful life. Give yourself the immense relaxing experience, whenever and wherever you want...
Your total body, mind & spirit transformation starts here.

Take positive and purposeful action today and start creating a NEW, stress-free YOU...

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